Our Mission

1 To bring happiness through health by providing clean, wholefood based products that list all ingredients honestly, with no marketing-hyped, “proprietary formulas”.

2To provide education on health and nutrition to consumers that is easily comprehended so they are able to make more informed decisions on their daily health choices.
3To create a successful, fun workplace that each team member is eager to be a part of, day in and day out.
4To have every aspect of our business as close to 100% sustainable as possible. From the cleaning products we use, to the final package that arrives to your door.

So, Who Are We?

Simply put, we are a small, close family of consumers just like you who honestly share the same ideals and vision of helping others through nutrition and education. We feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to come in everyday and truly make a difference in the lives of others with our products.

We are not just another company looking to churn out the latest “hot” product that realistically has little to no health benefits and sell simply because of the massive amounts of marketing dollars being spent to push them.

At Brightcore, we are passionate about health and  know that good nutrition is the basic foundation. This is why we focus on products that address our core nutritional needs, to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Each of us here at Brightcore is, and has been, a consumer of health products just like yourself. We get it. Really, we do. We actually live the daily life of health and nutrition that we are selling. We know what you want and expect from the products you purchase, simply because we want  and expect the same things.

This was actually a big influence for us to start our “honest” approach with ingredient listing. A group of us were talking about it in the office one day and from there it was decided we would no longer have any part in the “proprietary” formula game. If someone wants to steal our formulas and share it with the world, we are happy to have helped make it an even more healthy place!

The sad truth is that the majority of companies right now hide the details of their ingredients in “proprietary formulas”, which is more often that not, simply a way to hide the large amount of fillers or cheap ingredients being used. If it is a quality formula, there is no reason to hide it!

However, we don’t want to just list our products ingredients in an honest way, we want to start a movement that will change the entire industry’s mindset as well. Why? Because we want to know what it is we are putting in our bodies and wholeheartedly believe all of you deserve the right to know as well.

Moving forward, our promise to you is this:  All of our products will be clean, simple and honest. Nothing artificial and no “proprietary formulas”.

We invite you to join us on our journey in making the world a happier, healthier and brighter place.

– The Brightcore Family