Are you suffering from acid reflux? Have you tried many things but can’t seem to make it go away? Supplementing your diet with wheatgrass juice might be the change that makes the difference. Wheatgrass juice is a super-food that contains practically all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, leading to a wide array of different benefits.

Wheatgrass contains the equivalent nutritional value of green leafy vegetables but in a much more concentrated dose. An often quoted statistic is that a single serving of wheatgrass juice contains as many nutrients as over a pound of green leafy vegetables. When consumed, that’s a welcome nutritional assault on your body!

This intense concentration of nutrients has a detoxifying effect on your body. For people suffering from acid reflux, one of the benefits of this “flushing of toxins” is that the wheatgrass juice will strengthen and improve your digestive system. However, before we can talk about how it does this, we need to discuss what wheatgrass juice actually is.

What Is Wheatgrass and Wheatgrass Juice?

Wheatgrass is the same plant that produces wheat grain. Like wheat grain, wheatgrass is grown from wheat berries and has the potential to produce grain. The difference between wheatgrass and traditional wheat is that wheatgrass is harvested earlier. This is done to preserve its nutritional value.

To be precise, wheatgrass is harvested immediately before the “jointing stage”, which is before wheat grains begin to grow on the plant. It is at this point that the plant changes from the look and color you might associate with grass to the yellow stems with grain on top that you associate with wheat.

Jointing can be considered the moment when the plant switches from a pure growing mode to a reproductive mode. It is when it starts producing seeds. After jointing, the levels of chlorophyll, vitamins, and protein all fall rapidly. Obviously, for those of us interested in intense nutritional value, we don’t want that to happen!

One of the added side benefits of harvesting early is that wheatgrass is also gluten free. Gluten is contained within the wheat grain itself, and wheatgrass is harvested before that has grown.

To unlock the nutritional value in wheatgrass, after being harvested it is usually cooled down to preserve nutrients and then juiced immediately before consumption. This isn’t the only way (or necessarily the best way) to access the health benefits of wheatgrass, but it is the most common.

How Can Wheatgrass Juice Prevent Acid Reflux?

Wheatgrass juice has a whole assortment of health properties, many of which are useful for those suffering from acid reflux. The main way wheatgrass juice can help is by strengthening and alkalizing your digestive system. It does this in several ways:

Reducing food intake — Eating too much food at once can trigger reflux attacks, so in a perfect world you should eat less. But unfortunately, by eating less you can starve your body of the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

The high concentration of nutrients in wheatgrass juice is ideal because your body will get the nutrients it needs to strengthen your digestion system, but won’t be consuming a volume of food that could trigger a bout of acid reflux. It’s a one-two punch!

Wheatgrass juice is also a natural appetite suppressant. So it will make it easier for you to reduce the amount you eat. And you might even lose some weight as an added side-benefit — and that has been also shown to reduce acid reflux!

Counteracting Acidicity / Alkalizing — Acid reflux can also be caused by acidic foods, like lemons and oranges. They increase the acid in the stomach and can exacerbate acid reflux. Alkaline foods can be used to counteract this.

As wheatgrass juice is an incredibly alkaline food, it can also help neutralize the acid in your stomach and reduce the number of acid reflux bouts that occur.

A Nutrient Top-Up — Wheatgrass juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, and proteins. If any sort of nutrient deficiency is causing your acid reflux, it is likely that wheatgrass will provide the nutrient required.

Wheatgrass is considered to be a complete food. That means it contains virtually every nutrient that your body requires. You can consider it a bit like a tune-up for your body.

Improves General Well-Being — Beyond the ways that wheatgrass juice can specifically help people suffering from acid reflux, it also rejuvenate your body to a sense of well-being. Many people have the problem of not being officially ill, but feeling as if they aren’t totally healthy either. Wheatgrass juice can provide the nutrients to create a feeling of robust health.

Where Can I Get Wheatgrass Juice?

Nowadays, you don’t need to go to a juice bar that juices wheatgrass for you on the spot to obtain all the sensitive nutrients contained within. Thanks to freeze dried wheatgrass juice, you can enjoy the same health benefits at your own convenience in your own home. And as juice bars can charge a high prices for wheatgrass juice, you can also save quite a lot of money!

It is worth noting here that if you do buy a wheatgrass supplement, you want freeze dried wheatgrass juice, not ground wheatgrass. Ground wheatgrass doesn’t provide the same health benefits as freeze dried wheatgrass juice. This problem is easily avoided by buying our widely respected brand of freeze dried wheatgrass juice, Sweet Wheat®. There is no cellulose, which means your body will be able to absorb 100% of the nutrients and it is certified organic by the USDA.

With Sweet Wheat® you can also be sure that the wheatgrass used to produce the juice is grown to high standards. Our wheatgrass is field grown in a great environment, the soil is rich in minerals, and only the highest-quality wheat berries are used.

Sweet Wheat comes in either capsules or powder, which you can mix with water or sprinkle on your cereal. With high quality freeze dried wheatgrass juice, you are getting as close as you possibly can to a shot of freshly-juiced, high-quality wheatgrass. In fact, as the wheatgrass is freeze dried immediately after being harvested, you could argue freeze dried wheatgrass juice is actually more beneficial in many ways!

Wheatgrass juice can be used as part of a holistic approach to treating acid reflux. In conjunction with exercise and a few simple diet changes, wheatgrass juice can be a powerful tool that helps lead to fewer bouts of acid reflux.