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A complete daily probiotic supplement formulated to help maintain a balanced intestinal environment and provide daily digestive and immune support.*

Many probiotic supplements on the market contain just a single strain of healthy bacteria, but Brightcore’s Ultimate Care Formula contains 20 different clinically studied strains and 30 billion live cultures per capsule. This is important because different strains provide different benefits throughout the digestive system.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are the good bacteria that work to crowd out harmful microorganisms that can cause poor health. Probiotics improve digestion, bowel regularity, the immune system and help the body absorb important nutrients.

Guaranteed to contain 30 Billion live cultures from 20 different strains in each capsule for one of the highest quality, daily probiotics available.

  •  Intestinal Regularity
  •  Increase Nutrient Absorption
  •  Improved Immune Health
  •  Relieves Digestive Discomfort
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Supplement Facts

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Detailed Ingredient List

L. acidophilus

Aids in lactose digestion*

L. bulgaricus

Helps fight harmful bacteria in the digestive system and helps break down lactose*

L. casei

Helps alleviate pathogenic bacterial diseases associated with diarrhea*

L. paracasei

Assists in alleviating allergies, inhibits fat tissue accumulation and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels*

L. rhamnosus

Helps prevent various infections such as urinary tract infections and certain types of diarrhea*

L. salivarius

Quickly breaks down proteins for optimal absorption and inhibits pathogens*

L. brevis

Improves immune functions and cellular immunity**

L. plantarum

Helps digest proteins and helps with digestive diseases.*

L. sporogenes

Helps with digestive disorders and immune system booster*

L. helveticus

Help prevent gastrointestinal infections, enhance protection against pathogens and boost immune system response.*

L. caucasicus

Helps improve immune functions and cellular immunity*

B. bifidum

Improves immunity and digestion. Acts as an anti-inflammatory*

B. longum

Inhibits growth of destructive bacteria and boosts the immune system*

B. breve

Breaks down foods. Reduces the occurrences of gas, diarrhea and bowel irritations*

B. lactis

Helps with immunity and elimination of unwanted bacteria from the body*

B. infantis

Helps increase metabolism and relieves digestive discomfort*

Lactococcus lactis

Assists with delivery of proteins and antigens in body. Also helps with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

Lactococcus cremoris

Helps and assists with Lactococcus lactis to provide the same benefits.

Leuconostoc cremoris

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30 Billion


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2 reviews for Probiotics – Ultimate Care – 30 Billion CFU

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just felt so much better when taking the Probiotics with 30 Billion. I felt so much more confidence in controlling loose inconstancy during the day r/t taking medicine for GERD. I recommend this product to any one who is on antacids daily.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I decided to try these after taking another brand that is considered ‘the best of the best’ probiotics in the industry, and I like Bright Biotics better! I get better regularity and overall health using them. I am not 100% certain, but I think it is making my stomach flatter as well. Thank you for your excellent product. I am making the switch permanent!

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