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Brightcore Nutrition Whey Isolate is an all natural, high quality protein powder containing 25g of protein per serving. It is sourced from cows found on small dairy farms in the highlands of Ireland, to ensure the best quality possible. It is gluten free, antibiotic free and is non-GMO.

Our protein goes through a cold micro-filtration process that removes unwanted fats and carbs, while leaving a higher concentration of quality protein. This process also results in the product being virtually lactose free, so even those with lactose intolerance shouldn’t experience any stomach issues.

Bottom line – our Whey Isolate is an easy, convenient, healthy and delicious way to get your needed protein every day. It is available in Chocolate and Vanilla and mixes easily with water or milk.

  •  Made From Grass-Fed, Irish Cows
  •  No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  •  25g of Protein / 0g of Sugar Per serving
  •  Virtually Lactose Free
  •  Gluten Free and Non GMO
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Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

Whey is a byproduct of cheese production. It is a complete protein, rich in amino acids that are quickly digested and utilized in the body. It comes in three forms: Concentrate, Isolate and Hydrolysate (Concentrate and Isolate being the most popular).

We utilize Whey Isolate, which is over 90% protein by volume. It is low in carbs, fats and has virtually no lactose. This makes it easy to digest and void of gas/bloating common with certain Whey products. It is derived from sweet Irish whey from small dairy farms in Ireland, a country with exceptionally high dairy standards. These cows are grass fed and antibiotic free.

Whey Concentrate is 30-80% protein by volume. This makes it significantly high in carbs, fats and lactose. Many people have trouble digesting lactose, which causes gas and bloating and general discomfort. It is also the cheapest form of whey protein.  Whey Hydrolysate is derived from Concentrate OR Isolate and is the most expensive of the three options. It is marginally more digestible than Isolate, but MUCH more expensive.

Acacia Gum

  • Can help increase GOOD cholesterol levels.
  • Helps detox – Fibers bind themselves to toxins and remove them through digestion.
  • High quality PREbiotic fiber source that promotes healthy bacteria.
  • Also acts as a stabilizer and/or thickening agent. We use this is in our Whey Isolate to help keep consistency as well as a natural thickener.


  • Erythritol is a (nearly) noncaloric sugar alcohol that is naturally found in fruits such as pears and grapes. It causes no insulin spike and is also a great sugar substitute for diabetics.

Tapioca Starch

Tapioca Starch, sometimes referred to as tapioca flour is a thickening agent commonly used in gluten free baking. It is a starch extracted from cassava root, which is found throughout South America.

As Whey Isolate is stripped of most fats, we use non-GMO tapioca starch to help give it little more thick, full and frothy consistency.

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Vanilla, Chocolate


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