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Your daily greens, made easy.

Sweet Wheat®

wheat grass juice powder

Increase Energy, Stop Fatigue
Alkalizing to Help Acidic Issues
Phytonutrient & Chlorophyll Rich


multi collagen + hyaluronic acid

Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails
Supports Joint & Bone Health
Promotes Gut Health


complete superfood blend

Improve Digestion & Immunity
Increased feeling of better health
Probiotics, Enzymes & Superfoods 

Family owned and operated since 1996

Beginning on a small country farm, Brightcore Nutrition became one of the earliest companies to produce certified organic, wholefood supplements.

Utilizing a proprietary, low temperature drying method,
 we created a convenient wheatgrass juice powder that retains and protects the essential life-giving nutrients and fragile enzymes found in our premier product: Sweet Wheat!

So what do we do here at Brightcore Nutrition? Simply put, we create premium wholefood supplements that make you feel better.